Tsurumi Syuzou In 2023, we will celebrate the 150th anniversary of our founding.

What was the era like when the company was founded in 1873? It was the year of the abolition of feudal domains and the establishment of Aichi Prefecture in 1872, a time of rapid change and progress toward a modern culture.
It was during this time that Sadazo I started his sake brewing business at the current location, which is the beginning of Tsurumi Syuzou.
Since then, the sake has been known as "Kamoritsuru" ("Kamoritsuru" in Japanese), as it was made by "Mr. Tsurumi of Kamori Village.
Later, as the times changed, the sake Brandwas changed from Kamoritsuru to Kamitsuru.
The domestic consumption of sake peaked around 1965 and has been declining every year since then, but we are still able to produce sake thanks to the support of our local customers and business partners.
Once again, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of our customers and suppliers.

ReiwaIn order to keep up with the changing times, we have stopped selling packaged sake (ordinary sake), which had been our main product until now, and shifted our brewing focus to sake with a special name, which is a good sake.
Since that year, we have focused on brewing and selling JunmaiDaiginjo , Daiginjo Brand , and Gazan, all of which are made with the best ingredients.
We also started brewing sake in our newly built brewery last year.

We will continue to grow by combining traditional brewing with advanced facilities to ensure that the tradition of sake, Japan's national drink, will be passed on to the next 100 years,
We will continue to grow further.
We look forward to your continued support of Tsurumi Syuzou.

Shinsuke Wada
TsurumiSyuzou President and Representative Director

150 years

To a new stage.
A new brewery
has started!

Tsurumi Syuzou 150th Anniversary Reprinted Label "Kamoritsuru"

Junmaishu 1 time heat

Sake brewing that combines the traditional brewing of Owari-Tsushima with
advanced facilities

Junmai Daiginjo Gazan

The "Special A district Yamada Nishiki from Hyogo Prefecture" is polished to 35% and brewed slowly and carefully to maximize the mellow aroma and delicate fullness of the Junmai.

Daiginjo Gazan

The aroma of fruit spreads richly as you tilt the glass. The dense, fine texture, moderate umami, and refreshing aftertaste create a pleasant aftertaste.

Daiginjo Sansou

It has a fruity, gorgeous aroma and a refined, sharp taste. It is a perfect complement to food and a perfect choice when you want to spend a luxurious time.

Kamitsuru Sen Murasaki Ban

Owari Tsushima Tradition Brand" Kamitsuru". JunmaiGinjo Sen" is made from gohyakumangoku, selected from Dewasansan, It is fruity and has a gorgeous aroma. It is a series that can be enjoyed on a daily basis as a food sake. It is a series that can be enjoyed on a daily basis as a food sake.