Revision of Sake Product Prices

ReiwaProduct prices will be revised effective for sales shipments on January 9, 2006.
Due to recent changes in the global economy, the cost of raw materials, containers and packaging materials, energy costs, logistics costs, and labor costs have continued to rise. However, it has become difficult to absorb these cost increases through corporate efforts alone.
In order to further improve quality and provide safe and reliable products in the future, we will revise our product prices.
We appreciate your understanding as we continue our efforts to reduce costs and provide products and services of even greater value to our customers.
The prices of our online store on our official website and our direct sales office will also be changed starting January 9, Reiwa6.

Eligible products are,

  • JunmaiDaiginjo Gazan (1800ml/720ml)
  • Daiginjo Gazan (1800ml/720ml/300ml/180ml)
  • Daiginjo Sansou (1800ml/720ml/300ml/180ml)
  • Kamitsuru Sen Junmaiginjo Dewasansan (720ml)