At the Delicious Sake Award 2024 in a Wine Glass
[Junmai Daiginjo Gazan] [Ko-shu 2000] received the highest award

At the "Delicious Sake Award in a Wine Glass" held at the Gakkai Kaikan (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) on February 2th (Thursday), "Junmai Daiginjo Gazan" received the highest gold award in the premium Daiginjo category and the "Ko-shu" award. ``Sake 8'' won the highest gold medal in the premium aged sake category, and ``Daiginjo Sansou'' won the gold medal in the premium daiginjo category.

[About the Delicious Sake Award in a Wine Glass]
The Delicious Sake in a Wine Glass Award is held every year with the aim of proposing new ways to enjoy sake in a wine glass, and this year marks the 14th year of this historic sake contest. Because of their shape, wine glasses allow you to experience delicate aromas that traditional Japanese sake vessels cannot capture.
This year, the 14th year of the contest, 260 sake entries from 1038 companies were submitted, and after a rigorous review, 55 (5.3%) of the top gold medal winners and 258 (24.8%) of the gold medal winners were selected.

[Junmai Daiginjo Gazan product introduction]
We use 35% Yamada Nishiki rice from the special A area of ​​Hyogo Prefecture that has been highly polished to 100%, and is carefully brewed over time.
This sake has a mellow taste that brings out the ginjo aroma reminiscent of fruit and the flavor of rice to the fullest.
Product name: “Junmai Daiginjo Gazan”
Contents: 1800ml, 720ml
Price: 1800ml/9,820 yen 720ml/5,220 yen (all tax included) 
Ingredients: Rice (domestic), Koji (domestic)
Rice used: Yamada Nishiki from Special Area A from Hyogo Prefecture
Rice polishing rate: 35%
Taste: Tanrei Umakuchi (sake level -1.0, acidity level 1.0)

[Yumenokanbai Ko-shu 2000 Product Introduction]
Aged sake that has been aged in a warehouse, brewed in 2000. The color of the sake is a dark amber color, and it is an aged sake with a deep flavor and a slight sweetness.
Product name: “Yumenokanbai Ko-shu 2000”
Contents: 720ml, 200ml
Price: 720ml/5,500 yen 200ml/1,650 yen (all tax included) 
Ingredients: rice (domestic), rice koji (domestic rice), brewed alcohol
Taste: Rich (sake level -11, acidity level 1.8)

[Daiginjo Sansou Product Introduction] 
This sake is brewed over a long period of time and has the sharpness and elegant aroma that only Daiginjo sake can have. It has a light and smooth texture and a refined acidity.
Product name: “Daiginjo Sansou”
Content capacity: 1800ml, 720ml, 300ml, 180ml
Price: 1800ml/6,610 yen 720ml/3,520 yen 300ml/1,819 yen 180ml/1,159 yen (all tax included)
Ingredients: rice (domestic), rice koji (domestic rice), brewed alcohol
Rice used: 100% Yamada Nishiki from Special A area from Hyogo Prefecture
Rice polishing rate: 40%
Taste: Tanrei dry (sake level +4.0, acidity 1.1)