Original Sake Brewing Scene

The brewery's
original scenery

Environment Water Rice

Nobunaga's kitchen, Owari Tsushima

Owari-Tsushima was once a port town called "Tsushima Minato".
It flourished as a hub of water transportation, and as the kitchen of Oda Nobunaga, it was a glamorous commercial city that saw an early influx of Kyoto's culinary culture.
The traditional sake produced in this land steeped in history.


Gift of the beautiful Kiso San-river

The Kiso River flows from the vast Nobi Plain to Ise Bay.
"Gazan" and "Sansou" are produced from the subsoil water of this beautiful clear stream.
The Kiso River's abundant mineral reserves make the taste of
sake so special.


"Special A District Yamadanishiki from Hyogo Prefecture"

"Yamada-Nishiki", the king of sake rice, has a large heart white and transforms itself into an aromatic and beautiful sake with each polishing.
In the pursuit of making mellow sake with no impurities, Gazanand Sansouare luxurious in their use of 100% "Hyogo Prefecture Special A District Yamada-Nishiki," known as the highest grade of sake.